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Entwicklungsdetails ab Showgrid 1.1

!= Bugfix, Fehlerkorrektur
+= neue Fähigkeiten
-= herausgenommene Features
o= sonstige Änderungen
ShowGrid, 05.01.2014
o Showgrids and Graphlines' licensing mechanism adopted to work under Windows 7 and WIndows 8
ShowGrid, 01.12.2007
oAdapted to WIndows 7 directory structure: palette files will be written to the users data directory instead of to the program files directory
oOptimized performance when drawing large grids (up to 200% faster)
ooption "nodata transparent" is now default
oPressing F11 hides the speed button bar and the statistics, allowing a larger area for the grid to be used
ShowGrid, 01.12.2007
+New option „Keep Clipping“ available in the options menu and as speed button (use Ctrl+K for switching between on and off). The zoomed visible part of the grid will be the same for other loaded grids. Attention: When grid dimension changes, then the new grid will be fitted to page again.
+New option „Nodata Transparent“ allows overlaying of grids with linear structures like river links over already drawn grids. When the overlay is zoomed or shifted, then the underlaying grid will be cleared. It's suitable for making copies for papers etc. In addition, it allows a fast orientation within results (e.g. for answering the question if certain values result from the cell being a river link cell).
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