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WaSiM (Richards)

Important: version 10.02.03 and higher provide netCDF support. That requires a few additional libraries (DLLs) to be installed on your system. Please download and install either the lib-package for 32-bit or the lib-package for 64-bit before using WaSiM on Windows and/or download and install the latest netCDF package from the internet. On Linux, you need to install a netCDF package as well (see development details for more information)

Actual release version (may still be unstable -> it is recommended to always use the latest patch!)

Version 10.02.03(2018-05-21) More »
New abstraction rule for hydraulically connected lakes/External coupling reactivated and extended/netCDF support implemented
  • A new abstraction rule for reservoirs allows the physically based routing between hydraulically connected lakes (abstraction rule of type HydraulicConnection). Thus, fluxes can accure in both directions. Sample application: three peripheral Jura Lakes in Switzerland.
  • External coupling reactivated. Works now also with MPI. In addition to the classic functionallity, the semaphorfile optionally contains a command that can be interpreted by WaSiM or an external application (continue, cancel, save, full stop).
  • reading and writing of netCDF files implemented. netCDF files must follow the classic data format with one default group. Compression is supported for both writing and readin. Grid time series can be stored in a single, compressed netCDF file.
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Patched versions (stable versions only are listed here)

Version 10.00.03 (2017-11-04) Mehr »
    - huge performance increasement for start up of large jobs on super computers due to reading stacks as a single chunk and distribute data internally
    - some MPI performance optimizations when synchronizing halos (INPLACE option used instead of copying data multiple times back and forth)
    - bug in TLOWBDN grid release fixed (only when using soil heat transfer and lower boundary temperature condition is read in as a standard grid)
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Beispiel-Datensatz (Inputdaten für WaSiM) Mehr »
mit Grids und Zeitreihen für ein Beobachtungsjahr
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Neuer Release verfügbar:
WaSiM 10.02.03 -> Mehr »