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WaSiM (Topmodel)

Please note: The Topmodel-version of WaSiM is discontinued as of version 10.08.00!

Important: version 10.02.03 and higher provide netCDF support. That requires a few additional libraries (DLLs) to be installed on your system. Please download and install either the lib-package for 32-bit or the lib-package for 64-bit before using WaSiM on Windows and/or download and install the latest netCDF package from the internet. On Linux, you need to install a netCDF package as well (see development details for more information)

Version 10.08.00(2024-4-11) More »
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Patched versions (stable versions only are listed here)

Version 10.05.05 (2020-11-15) Mehr »
  • new (only Richards-version): implementing changes into the main branch of WaSiM that were made by Matvey Debolskiy during his PhD thesis to better model the frozen depth in a permafrost soil (only matters when heat transfer is used)
  • bug fix: interpolation method 9 did not handle memory for the filename read from the gridlist correctly (was allocated too late)
  • and several bug fixes (see details of model development)
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Beispiel-Datensatz (Inputdaten für WaSiM-ETH) Mehr »
mit Grids und Zeitreihen für ein Beobachtungsjahr
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Neuer Release verfügbar:
WaSiM 10.08.00 -> Mehr »


SG and GL in 64 bit:
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