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WaSiM (Topmodel)

Actual release version (may still be unstable -> it is recommended to always use the latest patch!)

Version 10.02.02(2018-05-21) More »
netCDF support implemented
  • reading and writing of netCDF files implemented. netCDF files must follow the classic data format with one default group. Compression is supported for both writing and readin. Grid time series can be stored in a single, compressed netCDF file.
  • However, a lot of bugfixes were done anyway, see model development details for more information
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Patched versions (stable version only are listed here)

Version 10.00.03 (2017-11-04) More »
    no changes in Topmodel version, only compatibility build
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Test data set

sample data set (WaSiM input data) More »
contains grids and time series for one year
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new release availabe:
WaSiM 10.02.02 -> More »