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WaSiM (Richards)

Important: version 10.02.03 and higher provide netCDF support. That requires a few additional libraries (DLLs) to be installed on your system. Please download and install either the lib-package for 32-bit or the lib-package for 64-bit before using WaSiM on Windows and/or download and install the latest netCDF package from the internet. On Linux, you need to install a netCDF package as well (see development details for more information)

Actual release version (may still be unstable -> it is recommended to always use the latest patch, if one is provided!)

Version 10.06.00(2021-05-15) More »
dynamic mapping of initial values from storage file for changed hydraulic parameters and/or time step; full netCDF support for reading grids and stacks
  • coupling of model runs with different runoff concentration and runoff routing parameters and time steps implemented. Backwards compatibility is maintained. How it works: WaSiM writes new sections [unsatzon_model_v2] and [runoff_routing_v2] in the storage_richards.ftz_* files that contain some additional info on the expected structure in order to enable WaSiM to actively map values from different parameterizations. When reading the storage_richards.ftz_* files, the new sections are searched for. If not found, then the old sections are searched for and read in in the traditional way (i.e. it is still compatible with old storage_richards.ftz_* files). If the new syntax is found, the additional parameters are read in. If the routing structure differs from the actually expected structure, the initialization tries to convert the stored values into reasonable initialization values for the actual structure. This was developed and tested for different time steps but it also works for different hydraulic parameters (like roughness, length, slope etc.). However, It is still required that the global routing structure itself did not change. In unsatzon_model, the runoff concentration using the flow travel time grid will also convert the content of the storages according to the new time step (other number and size of flow travel time zones as well as scaling of the content depending on the time step ratio)/li>
  • + netCDF format for standard and variable grids and stacks accepted. The filenames doesn't need to have the nc extension (however, when writng netCDF, .nc is added as extension automatically). Grids and stacks must still match the geometry defined by the first grid/stack. If all grids and stacks are netCDF, it is recommended to add an attribute "default_cellsize" to the varname, so that even single cell domains will work properly (since conventional grids contain xll, yll, and cellsize info, this is no issue for conventional grids and stacks, but netCDF usually do not contain a separate cellsize attribute but use the ccordinates for x and y dimensions to define the cellsize(s).
    • and several bug fixes (see details of model development)
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Patched versions (stable version only are listed here)

Version 10.05.05 (2020-11-15) More »
  • new (only Richards-version): implementing changes into the main branch of WaSiM that were made by Matvey Debolskiy during his PhD thesis to better model the frozen depth in a permafrost soil (only matters when heat transfer is used)
  • bug fix: interpolation method 9 did not handle memory for the filename read from the gridlist correctly (was allocated too late)
  • and several bug fixes (see details of model development)
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Test data set

sample data set (WaSiM input data) More »
contains grids and time series for one year
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new release availabe:
WaSiM 10.06.00 -> More »