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WaSiM (Richards)

Actual release version

Version 9.09.00(2016-02-03) More »
MPI memory optimization (for Richards version only) and some major bug fixes for interpolation and precipitation correction and glacier runoff routing
  • MPI versions (Richards-Version only) can now run in much more instances in parallel since the available RAM is used much more efficient.
  • IDW+regress-interpolation: when using an anisotropy, the regression part is now calculated with the unrotated coordinates
  • precipitation correction when using regression for precipitation and/or wind or temperature is no not using areal residual corrections
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Patched versions

Version 9.10.01 (2016-12-11) More »
    Bug fixes in glacier model and Richards soil model
  • when creating new glacier cells, there were major negativ jumps in glacier mass balance
  • MPI version: error in snow evaporation in the first cell of an MPI region when this cell was located on a glacier
  • MPI version: Richards soil model: groundwater table was wrongly initialized sometimes
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Test data set

sample data set (WaSiM input data) More »
contains grids and time series for one year
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new patch availabe:
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Third WaSiM User Conference in Munich, October 18-19 2017:
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