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Entwicklungsdetails ab Graphlines 1.1

!= Bugfix, Fehlerkorrektur
+= neue Fähigkeiten
-= herausgenommene Features
o= sonstige Änderungen
Graphlines, 28.11.2012
o Showgrids and Graphlines' licensing mechanism adopted to work under Windows 7 and WIndows 8
Graphlines, 28.11.2012
o Showgrid and Graphlines updated (Windows 7 typical directories used for custom color palettes, some default buttons changed)
Graphlines, 01.12.2007
!Fixing the problem of non-displaying columns in the series listbox. Now large files are displayed with all data columns in the box.
+Nodata values have been replaced by zero. Now the automatic scaling does not scale to -9999 any more if one nodata value is in any data series.
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