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Cornelissen, Th., Diekkrüger, B. & Giertz S. (2013).
A comparison of hydrological models for assessing the impact of land use and climate change on discharge in a tropical catchment.
Journal of Hydrology. 498:221-236. Doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2013.06.016 [Link]
Gädeke, A., Hölzel, H., Koch, H., Pohle, I., & Grünewald, U. (2013).
Analysis of uncertainties in the hydrological response of a model-based climate change impact assessment in a subcatchment of the Spree River, Germany.
Hydrological Processes. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.9933 [Link]
Garambois, P. A., Roux, H., Larnier, K., Castaings, W., & Dartus, D. (2013)
Characterization of process-oriented hydrologic model behavior with temporal sensitivity analysis for flash floods in Mediterranean catchments,
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 2305-2322, doi:10.5194/hess-17-2305-2013. [Link]
Kistner, I., Ollesch, G., Meissner, R., & Rode, M. (2013).
Spatial-temporal dynamics of water soluble phosphorus in the topsoil of a low mountain range catchment.
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 176, 24-38. [Link]
Liu, T., Fang, H., Willems, P., Bao, A. M., Chen, X., Veroustraete, F., & Dong, Q. H. (2013).
On the relationship between historical land-use change and water availability: the case of the lower Tarim River region in northwestern China.
Hydrological Processes, 27(2), 251-261. [Link]
Logemann, K., Ólafsson, J., Snorrason, Á., Valdimarsson, H., & Marteinsdóttir, G. (2013).
The circulation of Icelandic waters-a modelling study.
Ocean Science Discussions, 10(2), 763-824. [Link]
Muerth, M. J., Gauvin St-Denis, B., Ricard, S., Velázquez, J. A., Schmid, J., Minville, M., ... & Turcotte, R. (2013).
On the need for bias correction in regional climate scenarios to assess climate change impacts on river runoff.
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 17(3), 1189-1204. doi:10.5194/hess-17-1189-2013 [Link]
Ott, I., Duethmann, D., Liebert, J., Berg, P., Feldmann, H., Ihringer, J., ... & Wagner, S. (2013).
High resolution climate change impact analysis on medium sized river catchments in Germany: An ensemble assessment.
Journal of Hydrometeorology, (2013). DOI: [Link]
Shrestha R., Osenbrück K. & Rode, M. (2013)
Assessment of catchment response and calibration of a hydrological model using high-frequency discharge-nitrate concentration data.
Hydrology Research In Press, Uncorrected Proof © IWA Publishing 2013, DOI:10.2166/nh.2013.087 [Link]
Sood, A., Muthuwatta, L., & McCartney, M. (2013).
A SWAT evaluation of the effect of climate change on the hydrology of the Volta River basin.
Water International, DOI: 10.1080/02508060.2013.792404 pages 297-311 [Link]
Velázquez, J. A., Schmid, J., Ricard, S., Muerth, M. J., Gauvin St-Denis, B., Minville, M., Chaumont, D., Caya, D., Ludwig, R., & Turcotte, R. (2013)
An ensemble approach to assess hydrological models' contribution to uncertainties in the analysis of climate change impact on water resources,
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 565-578, doi:10.5194/hess-17-565-2013. [Link]
Warscher, M., Strasser, U., Kraller, G., Marke, T., Franz, H., & Kunstmann, H. (2013).
Performance of complex snow cover descriptions in a distributed hydrological model system: A case study for the high Alpine terrain of the Berchtesgaden Alps.
Water Resources Research, Volume 49, Issue 5, Pages 2317-3069, DOI: 10.1002/wrcr.20219 [Link]
Neukum C., R. Azzam (2012)
Impact of climate change on groundwater recharge in a small catchment in the Black Forest, Germany.
Hydrogeology Journal 20 (3): 547-560 [Link]
Bronstert A. et al. (2012)
Potentials and constraints of different types of soil moisture observations for flood simulations in headwater catchments.
Natural Hazards 60 (3): 879-914 [Link]
Fuhrer J., K. Jasper (2012)
Demand and Supply of Water for Agriculture: Influence of Topography and Climate in Pre-Alpine, Mesoscale Catchments.
Natural Resources 3 (3): 145-155 [Link]
Korck, J. Danneberg, J. & Willems, W. (2012)
Impacts of climate change on the water regime of the Inn River basin - extracting adaptation-relevant information from climate model ensembles and impact modelling
Advances in Geosciences, Volume 32, 2012, pp.99-107 [Link]
Kraller G., M. Warscher, H. Kunstmann, S. Vogl, T. Marke, U. Strasser (2012)
Water balance estimation in high Alpine terrain by combining distributed modeling and a neural network approach (Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany).
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss. 9: 215-259 [Link]
Singh, S.K., Liang, J.Y., and Bárdossy, A., (2012).
Improving calibration strategy of physically-based model WaSiM-ETH using critical events.
Hydrological Sciences Journal, 57 (8), 1487-1505. [Link]
Bürger, G., Schulla, J., & Werner, A. T. (2011).
Estimates of future flow, including extremes, of the Columbia River headwaters.
Water Resources Research, 47(10). [Link]
Cullmann, J., Krausse, T., & Saile, P. (2011).
Parameterising hydrological models-Comparing optimisation and robust parameter estimation.
Journal of Hydrology, 404(3), 323-331. [Link]
Sutmöller J., S. Hentschel, J. Hansen, H. Meesenburg (2011)
Coupled forest growth-hydrology modelling as an instrument for the assessment of effects of forest management on hydrology in forested catchments.
Adv. Geosci. 27: 149-154 [Link]
Reusser D.E., W. Buytaert, E. Zehe (2011)
Temporal dynamics of model parameter sensitivity for computationally expensive models with the Fourier amplitude sensitivity test.
Reusser, D. E. & Zehe, E. (2011)
Inferring model structural deficits by analyzing temporal dynamics of model performance and parameter sensitivity
Water Resources Research, Volume 47, Issue 7, CiteID W07550 [Link]
Krausse T., J. Cullmann (2011)
Towards a more representative parametrisation of hydrological models via synthesizing the strengths of particle swarm optimisation and robust parameter estimation.
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss. 8: 2373-2422 [Link]
Hölzel, H., O. Rössler, B. Diekkrüger (2011)
Grope in the Dark - Hydrological modelling of the artificial Chicken Creek catchment without validation possibilities.
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 36 (Issues 1-4): 113-122 [Link]
Kraller, Gabriele; Strasser, Ulrich; Franz, H. (2011)
Effect of Alpine Karst on the hydrology of the basin "Berchtesgadener Ache": a comprehensive summary of karst research in the Berchtesgaden Alps
Eco.mont: journal on protected mountain areas research 3,1 (2011), 19 - 28. [Link]
Balin, D., Lee, H., & Rode, M. (2010)
Is point uncertain rainfall likely to have a great impact on distributed complex hydrological modeling?
Water Resources Research, Volume 46, Issue 11, CiteID W11520 [Link]
Bormann, H., S. Elfert (2010)
Application of WaSiM-ETH model to Northern German lowland catchments: model performance in relation to catchment characteristics and sensitivity to land use change.
Adv. Geosci. 27: 1-10 [Link]
Grigoryan, G. V. Casper, M. C. Gauer, J. Vasconcelos, A. C. & Reiter, P. P. (2010)
Impact of climate change on water balance of forest sites in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Advances in Geosciences, Volume 27, 2010, pp.37-43 [Link]
U. Haberlandt (2010)
From hydrological modelling to decision support.
Adv. Geosci. 27: 11-19 [Link]
Rieger, W. Winter, F. & Disse, M. (2010)
Uncertainties of soil parameterisation in process-based simulation of distributed flood control measures
Advances in Geosciences, Volume 27, 2010, pp.121-129 [Link]
Leemhuis, C., Jung, G., Kasei, R. & Liebe, J. (2009)
The Volta Basin Water Allocation System: assessing the impact of small-scale reservoir development on the water resources of the Volta basin, West Africa
Advances in Geosciences, Volume 21, 2009, pp.57-62 [Link]
Bürger G., D.E. Reusser, D. Kneis (2009)
Early flood warnings from empirical (expanded) downscaling of the full ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System.
Reusser D.E., T. Blume, B. Schaefli, E. Zehe (2009)
Analysing the temporal dynamics of model performance for hydrological models.
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 13: 999-1018
Uribe, H., T. Arnold, J. Arumí, T. Berger, D. Rivera (2009)
Modification of the hydrological model WaSiM-ETH to improve its application in irrigated areas [Modificacion del modelo hidrológico WaSiM-ETH para mejorar su aplicación en áreas regadas].
Ingenieria Hidraulica en Mexico 24: 23-36
Holländer, H.M., T. Blume, H. Bormann, W. Buytaert, G.B. Chirico, J.-F. Exbrayat, D. Gustafsson, H. Hölzel, P. Kraft, C. Stamm, S. Stoll, G. Blöschl, H. Flühler (2009)
Comparative predictions of discharge from an artificial catchment (Chicken Creek) using sparse data.
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 13: 2069-2094 [Link]
Herbst M., M.C. Casper, J. Grundmann, O. Buchholz (2009)
Comparative analysis of model behaviour for flood prediction purposes using Self-Organizing Maps.
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 9: 373-392 [Link]
Shrestha R.R., M. Rode (2008)
Multi-objective calibration and fuzzy preference selection of a distributed hydrological model.
Environmental Modelling & Software DOI:10.1016/j.envsoft.2008.04.001 [Link]
Merta M, Ch. Seidler, S. Bianchin, H. Heilmeier, E. Richert (2008)
Analysis of Land Use Change in the Eastern Ore Mts. Regarding Both Nature Protection and Flood Prevention.
Soil and Water Res. 3(Special Issue 1): 105-115 [Link]
Shrestha R.R., A. Bardossy, M. Rode (2007)
A hybrid deterministic-fuzzy rule based model for catchment scale nitrate dynamics.
J. Hydrol. 342: 143-156 [Link]
Bronstert, A., A. Bárdossy, C. Bismuth, H. Buiteveld, M. Disse, H. Engel, U. Fritsch, Y. Hundecha, R. Lammersen, D. Niehoff, N. Ritter (2007)
Multi-scale modelling of land-use change and river training effects on floods in the Rhine basin.
River Res. Appl. 23(10): 1102-1125 [Link]
Krause, S., J. Jacobs, A. Bronstert (2007)
Modelling the impacts of land-use and drainage density on the water balance of a lowland–floodplain landscape in northeast Germany.
Ecol. Modelling 200(3-4): 475-492 [Link]
Leemhuis, C., S. Erasmi, A. Twele, A. Kreilein, A. Oltchev, G. Gerold (2007)
Rainforest conversion in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia: recent development and consequences for river discharge and water resources.
ERDKUNDE 61(3): 284-293 [Link]
Rögnvaldsson, Ó., J.F. Jónsdóttir, H. Ólafsson (2007)
Numerical simulations of precipitation in the complex terrain of Iceland - Comparison with glaciological and hydrological data.
Meteorol. Zeitschrift 16(1): 71-85 [Link]
Calanca, P., A. Roesch, K. Jasper, M. Wild (2006)
Global warming and the summertime evapotranspiration regime of the Alpine region.
Clim. Change 79(1-2): 65-78 [Link]
Cullmann, J., V. Mishra, R. Peters (2006)
Flow analysis with WaSiM-ETH model parameter sensitivity at different scales.
Adv. Geosci. 9: 73-77 [Link]
Fuhrer, J., M. Beniston, A. Fischlin, Ch. Frei, S. Goyette, K. Jasper, Ch. Pfister (2006)
Climate risks and their impact on agriculture and forests in Switzerland.
Clim. Change 79(1-2): 79-102 [Link]
Jasper, K., P. Calanca, J. Fuhrer (2006)
Changes in summertime soil water patterns in complex terrain due to climatic change.
J. Hydr. 327: 550-563 [Link]
Jónsdóttir, J.F., P. Jónsson, C.B. Uvo (2006)
Trend analysis of Icelandic discharge, precipitation and temperature series.
Nordic Hydrology 37(4-5): 365-376 [Link]
Krause, S., A. Bronstert (2006)
The impact of groundwater-surface water interactions on the water balance of a mesoscale lowland river catchment in northeastern Germany.
Hydrol. Proc. 21(2): 169-184 [Link]
Kunstmann, H., J. Krause, S. Mayr (2006)
Inverse distributed hydrological modelling of Alpine catchments.
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 10: 395-412 [Link]
Kunstmann, H., A. Heckl, A. Rimmer (2006)
Physically based distributed hydrological modelling of the Upper Jordan catchment and investigation of effective model equations.
Adv. Geosci. 9: 123-130 [Link]
Marx, A., H. Kunstmann, A. Bardossy, J. Seltmann (2006)
Radar rainfall estimates in an alpine environment using inverse hydrological modelling.
Adv. Geosci. 9: 25-29 [Link]
Ollesch, G., I. Kistner, R. Meissner, K.E. Lindenschmidt (2006)
Modelling of snowmelt erosion and sediment yield in a small low-mountain catchment in Germany.
Catena 68(2-3): 161-176 [Link]
Wagner, S., H. Kunstmann, A. Bardossy (2006)
Model based distributed water balance monitoring of the White Volta catchment in West Africa through coupled meteorological-hydrological simulations.
Adv. Geosci. 9: 39-44 [Link]
Wriedt, G., M. Rode (2006)
Investigation of parameter uncertainty and identifiability of the hydrological model WaSiM-ETH.
Adv. Geosci. 9: 145-150 [Link]
Kleinn, J., C. Frei, J. Gurtz, D. Lüthi, P.L. Vidale, C. Schär (2005)
Hydrologic simulations in the Rhine basin driven by a regional climate model.
J. Geophys. Res. 110(D0), 4102, doi:10.1029/2004JD005143 [Link]
Krause, S., A. Bronstert (2005)
An advanced approach for catchment delineation and water balance modelling within wetlands and floodplains.
Adv. Geosci. 5: 1-5 [Link]
Kunstmann, H., C. Stadler (2005)
High resolution distributed atmospheric-hydrological modelling for Alpine catchments.
J. Hydrol. 314: 105-124 [Link]
Ollesch, G., Y. Sukhanovski, I. Kistner, M. Rode, R. Meissner (2005)
Characterization and modelling of the spatial heterogeneity of snowmelt erosion.
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 30(2): 197-211 [Link]
Ollesch, G., I. Kistner, Y. Sukhanovski, M. Rode (2005)
Dynamic and modelling of sediment associated nutrients in a low mountain environment.
IAHS Publ. 292: 171-178 [Link]
Verbunt, M., M. Groot Zwaaftink, J. Gurtz (2005)
The hydrologic impact of land cover changes and hydropower stations in the Alpine Rhine basin.
Ecol. Modelling 187(1): 71-84 [Link]
Jasper, K., P. Calanca, D. Gyalistras, J. Fuhrer (2004)
Differential impacts of climate change on the hydrology of two alpine river basins.
Clim. Res. 26(2): 113-129 [Link]
Kunstmann, H., K. Schneider, R. Forkel, R. Knoche (2004)
Impact analysis of climate change for an Alpine catchment using high resolution dynamic downscaling of ECHAM4 time slices.
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 8: 1031-1045 [Link]
Lindenschmidt, K.-E., G. Ollesch, M. Rode (2004)
Physically-based hydrological modelling for non-point dissolved phosphorus transport in small and medium-sized river basins.
Hydrol. Sci. J. 49(3): 495-510 [Link]
Ahrens, B. (2003)
Rainfall downscaling in an alpine watershed applying a multiresolution approach.
Clim. Res. 26(2): 113-129 [Link]
Ahrens, B. (2003)
Evaluation of precipitation forecasting with the limited area model ALADIN in an alpine watershed.
Meteorol. Zeitschrift 12(5): 245 255 [Link]
Ahrens, B., K. Jasper, J. Gurtz (2003)
On ALADIN precipitation modelling and validation in an Alpine watershed.
Ann. Geophys. 21: 627-637 [Link]
Gurtz, J., M. Verbunt, M. Zappa, M. Moesch, F. Pos, U. Moser (2003)
Long-Term Hydrometeorological Measurements and Model-Based Analyses in the Hydrological Research Catchment Rietholzbach.
J. Hydrol. Hydromech. 51(3): 162-174 [Link]
Gurtz, J., M. Zappa, K. Jasper, H. Lang, M. Verbunt, A. Badoux, T. Vitvar (2003)
A comparative study in modelling runoff and its components in two mountainous catchments.
Hydrol. Proc. 17: 297-311 [Link]
Holko, L., J. Parajka, Z. Kostka (2003)
Distributed snow water equivalent modelling in a Mountain catchment.
J. Hydrol. Hydromech. 51(1): 39-51 [Link]
Jasper, K., P. Kaufmann (2003)
Coupled runoff simulations as validation tool for atmospheric models at the regional scale.
Q.J.R. Meteorol. Soc. 129: 673-692 [Link]
Verbunt, M., J. Gurtz, K. Jasper, H. Lang, P. Warmerdam, M. Zappa (2003)
The hydrological role of snow and glaciers in alpine river basins and their distributed modelling.
J. Hydrol. 282: 36-55 [Link]
Jasper, K., J. Gurtz, H. Lang (2002)
Advanced flood forecasting in Alpine watersheds by coupling meteorological observations and forecasts with a distributed hydrological model.
J. Hydrol. 267: 40-52 [Link 1] [Link 2]
Niehoff D., U. Fritsch, A. Bronstert (2002)
Land-use impacts on storm-runoff generation: scenarios of land-use change and simulation of hydrological response in a meso-scale catchment in SW-Germany.
J. Hydrol. 267: 80-93 [Link]
Klok, L., K. Jasper, K. Roelofsma, A. Badoux, J. Gurtz (2001)
Distributed hydrological modelling of a glaciated Alpine river basin.
Hydrol. Sci. J. 46: 553-570 [Link]
Rode, M., K.-E. Lindenschmidt (2001)
Distributed sediment and phosphorus transport modeling in a medium sized catchment in Central Germany.
Phys. Chem. Earth 26/7-8: 635-640 [Link]
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