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WaSiM (Topmodel)

Older releases

Version 10.07.02 (2023-11-12) More »
full netCDF support for reading grids and stacks.
no other cjhanges for Topmodel
Version 10.06.00 (2021-05-15) More »
coupling of model runs with different runoff concentration and runoff routing parameters and time steps.
netCDF format for standard and variable grids and stacks accepted. (stacks do not apply for topmodel version)
Version 10.05.03 (2020-06-01) More »
explicite use of smaller time steps than 1 hour supported with new mm-column in meteorologic input files and start/end time in control file.
snow melt parameters for all T- and T-u-index methiods can be given as 12 monthly values instead of one single constant value only new command line option -mode:routing can be used for optimizing routing parameters without running the entire model each time
Version 10.04.05 (2019-09-02) More »
Data assimilation for SWE-type and reservoir water table type data implemented, data handling improvements, several bug fixes
Version 10.04.01 (2019-03-06) More »
Integration of snow interception and snow canopy energy balance methods as implemented by Kristian Förster (Leibniz University Hannover) and Matthias Kopp (Technical University Munich) but adopted to full compatibility with other WaSiM requirements like MPI parallelization, use of other snow melt methods, use of old control files)
Version 10.03.00 (2019-01-25) More »
extended netCDF support for file formats with different column/row sorting and -order; no other changes for Topmodel version.
Version 10.02.03 (2018-05-21) More »
netCDF support implemented, no other changes in topmodel version
Version 10.00.00 (2017-07-04) More »
Topmodel: , onlycompatibility build
Richards: Layered snow model allows temperatur- und water fuxes modeling in the snow pack using Richards- and heat-transfer-approach from the soil model
Version 9.09.00 (2016-02-03) More »
Topmodel: no changes
Richards: MPI memory optimization. Can run now in many instances without wasting the memory even of a super computer
Version 9.08.00 (2015-04-21) More »
SpinUp mode using HRUs (Hydrologic Response Units) including a fast soil temperature pre-spin up.
Version 9.07.00 (2014-12-21) More »
Snow model separated for glacierized and unglacierized fractions of galcier cells.
Version 9.06.02 (2014-07-16) More »
Major extensions to snow model and input/output formats
Version 9.05.03 (2014-03-02) More »
Compatibility build with Richards-version (incl. bug fixes)
Version 9.04.01 (2013-11-09) More »
Compatibility build with Richards-version (incl. bug fixes)
Version 9.03.03 (2013-08-24) More »
Modelo version with enhanced internal precision (using doubles everywhere)
Version 9.1.0 (2012-10-28) More »
Model version with several patches and extensions in modelling of glaciers
Version 9.0.8 (2012-05-01) More »
with new features for lakes and reservoir management
Version 8.10.0 (2011-04-16) More »
with new features for silting-up, meteo data interpolation, output options und permafrost module
Version 8.8.0 (2010-06-16) More »
containing some bugfixes, extensions for dynamic time step control and for the glacier model
Version 8.6.3 (2010-04-10) More »
various bugfixes and extensions for operational runoff forcast support
Version 8.5.0 (2009-10-11) More »
various extensions for regional interpolation of meterologic data, a first simple permafrost model, demand driven irrogation (triggered by soil moisture percentage of field capacity), automatic time step control for lakes and reservoirs, several performance optimizations
Version 8.2.9 (2009-01-10) More »
with outputs options for vegetation periode based balances and completed integration of silting-up and surface routing
Version 8.0.10 (2008-07-30) More »
contains various bugfixes, a new lake module and extended reservoir and abstraction rules
Version 7.9.11 (2007-12-13) More »
with dynamic phenology and OpenMP support
Version 6.4 (2005-07-01) More »
with new interpolation methods and snow model extensions
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