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WaSiM (Topmodel)

Older releases

Version 10.03.00 (2019-01-25) More »
extended netCDF support for file formats with different column/row sorting and -order; no other changes for Topmodel version.
Version 10.02.03 (2018-05-21) More »
netCDF support implemented, no other changes in topmodel version
Version 10.00.00 (2017-07-04) More »
Topmodel: , onlycompatibility build
Richards: Layered snow model allows temperatur- und water fuxes modeling in the snow pack using Richards- and heat-transfer-approach from the soil model
Version 9.09.00 (2016-02-03) More »
Topmodel: no changes
Richards: MPI memory optimization. Can run now in many instances without wasting the memory even of a super computer
Version 9.08.00 (2015-04-21) More »
SpinUp mode using HRUs (Hydrologic Response Units) including a fast soil temperature pre-spin up.
Version 9.07.00 (2014-12-21) More »
Snow model separated for glacierized and unglacierized fractions of galcier cells.
Version 9.06.02 (2014-07-16) More »
Major extensions to snow model and input/output formats
Version 9.05.03 (2014-03-02) More »
Compatibility build with Richards-version (incl. bug fixes)
Version 9.04.01 (2013-11-09) More »
Compatibility build with Richards-version (incl. bug fixes)
Version 9.03.03 (2013-08-24) More »
Modelo version with enhanced internal precision (using doubles everywhere)
Version 9.1.0 (2012-10-28) More »
Model version with several patches and extensions in modelling of glaciers
Version 9.0.8 (2012-05-01) More »
with new features for lakes and reservoir management
Version 8.10.0 (2011-04-16) More »
with new features for silting-up, meteo data interpolation, output options und permafrost module
Version 8.8.0 (2010-06-16) More »
containing some bugfixes, extensions for dynamic time step control and for the glacier model
Version 8.6.3 (2010-04-10) More »
various bugfixes and extensions for operational runoff forcast support
Version 8.5.0 (2009-10-11) More »
various extensions for regional interpolation of meterologic data, a first simple permafrost model, demand driven irrogation (triggered by soil moisture percentage of field capacity), automatic time step control for lakes and reservoirs, several performance optimizations
Version 8.2.9 (2009-01-10) More »
with outputs options for vegetation periode based balances and completed integration of silting-up and surface routing
Version 8.0.10 (2008-07-30) More »
contains various bugfixes, a new lake module and extended reservoir and abstraction rules
Version 7.9.11 (2007-12-13) More »
with dynamic phenology and OpenMP support
Version 6.4 (2005-07-01) More »
with new interpolation methods and snow model extensions
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