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Groundwater recharge

Long time averages of groundwater recharge are important for water provision planning and should hence be estimated by using suitable models.

WaSiM is a reliable model for a spatially differentiated estimation of groundwater recharge, including both components: cappilary rise and deep percolaion. It takes into account not only the vertical soil water movement but also the lateral fluxes of groundwater. This can be done internally but also by coupling WaSiM to an external groundwater model. Such a bi-directional asynchronous coupling of groundwater recharge (WaSiM to external model) and groundwater table (external model to WaSiM) was realized for the groundwater model PCGEOFIM during the KLIWEP project, a climate change impact analyses for Saxonia, Germany (project KliWEP)

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Sächs. Landesamt f. Umwelt und Geologie, Abschlussbericht zum FE-Vorhaben Nr. 13-8802.3529/38 [Link]
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