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WaSiM 9.09.00 (Topmodel)

MPI memory optimized version; also correction of some major bugs in precipitation interpolation and correction and in glacier runoof routing

  • only Richards version: doesn't allocate the complete memory per MPI instance but only the "stripe" it is working on
  • only Richards version when glaciers are used: when glaciers are not numbered continuously, runoff components from some glacier sub basins could have gone lost during runoff routing, thus decreasing the runoff balance
  • only Richards version : if using the -dumpfile option, more restrictive criterions are now applied to decide if an exception should be thrown. Also, there is a new option -closeAfterDump which shuts down WaSiM after the first dump file was written
  • interpolation methods 3 and 11 (IDW+regress) with non-zero anisotropy: rotated coordinates were wrongly used for the regression part, too, leading to wrong areal corrections of the residuals. This became obvious when using different grid domains for the same basin (i.e. more or less nodata rows and columns around the modeled basin)
  • precipitation correction when using interpolation methods 2, 3, 10 or 11 (regression or IDW+regression) for precipitation and/or temperature or wind speed: areal resiuals will no longer be used for correcting the elevation dependent regressions (until now, the central coordinates were used, which will result in differences when changing the grid domain, see above)
    • and some minor bug fixes

    »  See also Details of model development

    »  Notes to the OpenMP and MPI model versions

    »  Download the description on how to update the control file and create additional grids required for version 9.07.00

    Download 2016-02-03
    Command line version for Windows 32 bit 2016-02-03
    Command line version for Windows 32 bit using OpenMP 2016-02-03
    Command line version for Windows 64 bit 2016-02-03
    Command line version for Windows 64 bit using OpenMP 2016-02-03
    OpenMP version for Linux on Intel/AMD-PC with 64-bit architecture
    sample control file 2016-02-03
    sample control file for further user-defined adaptations
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