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Tracer and mass transport

Mass transport can be simulated either in WaSiM itself or with an externally coupled transport model.

The model internal transport mechanism provides algorithms for transport and mixing of salts and tracers (up to 9 tracers/salts at the same time, conventional or radioactive, evaporating or not; see also special features). It is used mainly for agricultrual questions, e.g. for developing an optimized irrigation strategy in the3 Murrumbidgee basin in southern Australia (Schulla et al., 1999).

Applications delaing with soil erosion and mass transport were often performed by using the integration of WaSiM into the mass erosion and transport model AGNPS. WIthin this coupled model, WaSiM produces spatially distributed direct runoff grids and deliveres it to AGNPS (see e.g. Lindenschmidt et al., 2004).

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