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WaSiM 8.5.0 (Topmodel)

Model version with several patches and extensions in...

  1. regional interpolation of meteorological data
  2. demand driven irrigation (new method)
  3. modelling of reservoirs and lakes (explicite time-step splitting)
  4. altitude-dependent regression (complete calculation within WaSiM)
  5. definition of directories (InitialState, DefaultOutput)
  6. writegrid options (WriteAsciiGrids)
  7. optimization of performance

»  See also Details of model development

»  Notes to the OpenMP and MPI model versions

Download 2009-10-11
Command line version for Windows 2009-10-11
Command line version for Windows using OpenMP 2009-10-11
OpenMP version for Linux on Intel/AMD-PC with 64-bit architecture
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