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WaSiM 8.0.10 (Topmodel)

OpenMP model version with lake modul und extensions in runoff routing and reservoir management...

Extensions for reservoirs and lakes (lake module):

  1. explicite accounting for lake evaporation
  2. Calculation of each lakes water balance and lake retention taking into account evaporation, inflows and outflows, lake water level changes and volume changes
  3. output of all parts of the water balance

Extensions for runoff routing and reservoir management:

  1. Consideration of time variable, discharge or volume dependent abstraction rules (for external and internal abstractions)
  2. Output if internal abstractions in WaSiM output files
  3. Options for time variant residual water and constant downstream outflows
  4. Output of reservoir balances

»  Notes for using the OpenMP version under Windows

Download 2008-07-30
Command line version for Windows 2008-07-30
Command line version for Windows using OpenMP 2008-07-30
OpenMP version for Linux on Intel/AMD-PC with 64-bit architecture
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