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Test data set for learning the model application

The provided input data are data sets for a mountainous basin in the Canadian Rocky Mountains (see also data description). It is assumed that the data are helpful for initial trainings with WaSiM by showing the different input data types and data formats. The data archive contains both WaSiM standard grids and meteorological / hydrological time series.
Note: Although all data are available by download from various publicly accessible sites, you are not entitled to use the provided data for any other purpose than for training and education on using WaSiM.

Content of data package:

  • Grids: elevation model, landuse, soil types, flow time sums, ...
  • Time series of meteorological data: precipitation, air temperature
  • Time series of hydrological data: runoff

Download (32.2 Mbytes)
complete test data set for one year in daily resolution
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