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WaSiM User Conference 2014 - Oral Presentations

Abstracts of all presentations

Schulla, Jörg (Hydrology Software Consulting, Zurich, Switzerland)
WaSiM - History and recent developments
Presentation (1.5 MB)
Komischke, Holger (Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt, Hof, Germany)
Areal hydrological modelling of Bavaria within the cooperation project KLIWA
Presentation (4.8 MB)
Jasper, Karsten (Federal Office of the Environment FOEN (BAFU), Bern, Switzerland)
Use of WaSiM within the operational flood forecasting system of Switzerland
Presentation (4.9 MB)
Rieger, Wolfgang (Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany)
Process-based simulation of distributed flood control measures
Presentation (3.8 MB)
Iacob, Oana (University of Dundee, Nethergate, United Kingdom)
The assessment of natural flood management measures as a climate change adaptation option through land use scenarios
Presentation (7.3 MB)
Kern, Franz-Josef (GIT HydroS Consult GmbH, Freiburg i.Br., Germany)
Water-balance and runoff components in the Weser river basin simulated by WaSiM-ETH - Validation by means of tritium balance
Presentation (2.9 MB)
Liljedahl, Anna (University of Alaska, Fairbanks, United States of Amerika)
Observed pan-arctic ice wedge degradation in continuous permafrost and modeled effects on watershed-scale hydrology
Presentation (7.1 MB)
Debolskij, Matvey (University of Alaska, Fairbanks, United States of Amerika)
Assessing the role of glacier and permafrost on northern hydrology
Presentation (2.8 MB)
Zahner, Samuel (University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland)
Potential of modelling rain-on-snow floods with WaSiM
Presentation (2.6 MB)
Gädeke, Anna (University Cottbus-Senftenberg, Cottbus, Germany)
Comparing WaSiM-ETH to HBV-light in Climate Change Impact Assessments - Advantages and Disadvantages
Presentation (3.2 MB)
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