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Lake module

Starting with WaSiM 8.0.10 lakes can be definiert explizitly in WaSiM. Lakes are now coupled to the unsaturated zone and the groundwater model.

New features:

  1. Consideration of lake evaporation using internally a separate approach (Penman-Monteith with zero resistances etc.)
  2. Calculation of lake water balance with all important fluxes and entities (see below)
  3. Output of extended statistic files (per-time-step balance) in one file per lake/reservoir

Output per lake with following entites:

  • Water table elevation
  • Lake area
  • Lake water volume
  • Inflows from above (tributaries and inbetween area)
  • Lake outflow following outflow rules
  • Evaporation losses
  • Irrigation losses
  • Exchange with groundwater
  • Precipitation input
  • Volume change per timestep (this is the balance)
  • Abstractions (e.g. for power generation or drinking water)
  • error estimation (because of numeric rounding errors when adding small numbers to large numbers)
  • Tracer concentrations

Prerequisites for using the lake module:

  1. Preparation of a lake grid with unique codes for each lake (all lake cells for a lake get the same code) -> This is teh lake area at maximum water level!
  2. Preparation of a MAXPOND grids with maximum water depth for each lake cell (former name: POND-Grid)
  3. Creation of a new section in the control file for the lake model
  4. Defining lakes in the routing descriptions

Details on the lake module (this document is part of the WaSiM model documentation)

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