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WaSiM 8.0.10 (Richards)

OpenMP model version with new lake module and extensions to runoff routing and reservoir management...

extensions to the lake module:

  1. Regarding lake evaporation explicitely
  2. Water balances for lakes and see retention is computet regarding lake evaporation, lake inflows, lake outflows, artificial abstractions. water table elevation and see water volume changes are also calculated.
  3. All parts of the balance are part of a per-lake output file

Extensions to reservoir management:

  1. Abstractions from rivers and reservoirs and reservoir outflows can be defined as beeing time variant (multiple sampling points over the year), wether thei are volume (abstractions from lakes) or runoff dependent (abstractions from rivers)
  2. Output of internal abstractions (=transfers) to WaSiM result files
  3. Considering residual water and scheduled abstractions
  4. Output of reservoir balances (content, are, volume, inflow, outflow, abstractions, evaporation, irrigation abstraction etc.) for each lake in a single file

» Hints for using the OpenMP-Version under Windows

Download 2008-07-30
Command line version for Windows 2008-07-30
Command line version for Windows using OpenMP 2008-07-30
OpenMP version for Linux on Intel/AMD-PC with 64-bit architecture
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