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Tools for processing temporal data (time series)

Temporal and spatial interpolation of precipitation data, e.g. when merging data of daily resolution with hourly data to create an inner-diurnal course for the daily data by using the temporal information of the neighboring stations in hourly resolution.More »
Computes specific discharges in mm per time step from discharge values in m3/s.
Computes the quantiles of the normal distribution, the log-normal distribution (LN2) and the log-normal distribution with lower limit (LN3) using monthly runoff values.More »
This is the background version (no interaction) of 'regress'. The program is controlled by a control file (same as for regress, see example in the zip archive). The output files are identical to the regress output, but they are binary, while 'regress' produces ASCII text files. Instead of using regr for external altitude dependend regression, the regression can also be done in WaSiM directly when running the model by using according interpolation methods (10, 11)
regrasci + asciregr
Converts 'regr' output files to ASCII format and vice versa. WaSiM is able to use both formats equally. Because of faster access, the binary format may have some advantages when using large files.
Computing altitude dependend regressions for meteorologic station data (can also be done directly in WaSiM, but this tool has the advantage that the regressions can be shown graphically and thus judged visually). To be able to use this very old program, you should use a DOS emulation like DOS-Box.More »
Used ror aggregation of WaSiM input and output time series in any arbitrary interval length. The output file contains the summed up values for a given number of input intervals. In addition, a total sum will be computed (each value is handled separately per input column).
Used for aggregation of WaSiM input or output time series. Outputs will contain summed up values for each day, month and year, respectively. An additional total sum is also computed (each value is handled separately per input column)
Computes for each input column of WaSiM input or output time series an average value for each day, month and year, respectively (one file for each temporal output resolution). An additional total sum will be computed.
Computes for each input column of WaSiM input or output time series an average value for a given number of input intervals. Also, an additional total average will be computed per column.
COmputes interactively sunrise and sunset and draws the diurnal course of the sun as a diagram for each given day of the year and for each given geographical location. DOSbox or another DOS-emulator must be used to use this very old graphic program.
Converts absolute sunshine durations (e.g. in min per hour) to relative sunshine durations (0..1)
Inverts runoff values from mm per time step to time steps per mm (e.g. from mm/h to h/mm) in order to be used for parameter estimation of parameter m for the WaSiM Topmodel version.
Removes all negative and (when the sun is under the horizon) small positive direct radiation values from the input time series.
all tools
Contains all previously listed time series processing tools in a single archive
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