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Coupling of subsequent model runs

For various reasons (data and results management, time reasons), it may be necessary to subdivide a model application for an extended period into several shorter individual simulations. The "seamless" link of each simulation to it's sucessor requires that the stored state grids are saved the end of a simulation and used as initial conditions of the following simulation. In addition, the result of simulation needs a so-called storage result file with the water contents and tracer concentrations of all routing channels and other structures (like single linear reservoir contents) that can not be stored in grids. This file is created at the end of each simulation and can be provided to the next simulation.

WaSiM will read this file at startup and reconstruct the internal storages from the read values. WaSiM will check many parameters of the current control file against values stored in the storage file. If there are different values stored, the model will not start in order to prevent errors due to wrong initializations.

Details Modelling long time spans can be found in the model documentation.

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