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Using Climate scenarios

Climate change scenarios may be provided for each meteorologic entity, either as location data for one or multiple points or as gridded data set. Scenarios can be added or multiplied to the interpolation result or be applied as percentage change. Scenarios are in any case monthly values. Their temporal interpolation is done linearly between each 15th day of the neigboring months.

Climate change scenarios as location data have to be provided in the control file with x-y-coordinates for each location, followed by twelfe monthly values referring to Januar to December

On the other hand, when using gridded scenario data (so called scaling grids), all grids (one for each month) must comply to the grids used for other input data (i.e. number of columns and rows, cellsize, coordinates etc.)

Details on the usage of such scenario or scaling grids can be found in section Applying monthly scenario grids in the WaSiM documentation.

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