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Additional output options

WaSiM provides a considerable number of different output files and options which enable the user to validate water fluxes and other model results by using zonal statistics (spatially averaged data per time step or aggregated over a period of timesteps, e.g. daily) and gridded data as well as detailed output for control plots.

Here is a list of model outputs newly generated with version WaSiM 7.x (Richards) in addition to the already eyisting ones that can be used for validation of water fluxes and reservoirs.

Water fluxes:

Rain (liquid fraction on precipitation)
Snow (solid fraction on precipitation)
Snow evaporation
Throughfall precipitation for layered vegetation
Potential interception evaporation for layered vegetation
Real interception evaporation for layered vegetation
Potential transpiration for layered vegetation
Real. transpiration for layered vegetation
Infiltration amount into the uppermost soil layer
Potential soil evaporation
Real soil evaporation
Deep (vertical) percolation to groundwater (gross groundwater recharge)
Cappilary rise from groundwater
Withdrawl by transpiration from each soil layer (for control plot only)
Interflow for each soil layer (for control plot only)
Macro pore infiltration


Content of interception storage for layered vegetation
Snow water equivalent (total water stored in the snow cover)
Soil water content integrated for the entire soil profile
Soil water changes forced by model coupling

State variables

Groundwater table elevation (when running coupled to an external groundwater model)
Start days of the various phenologic phases
Temperature sums
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